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If your life is full of responsibilities and you are too busy to spend any time ironing, Crown Maids will be happy to do it for you.

Our Crown Maids are knowledgeable and experienced and will provide a professional service at your own home.

No need to take your clothes to the dry cleaners and pick it up. Crown Maids can iron your business shirts or any other laundry.

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Crown Facility GmbH - Ironing Service
Crown Facility GmbH

Service Key Features

Great for Business Shirts
Are you a busy professional with no time to take your shirts to the dry cleaner for ironing? Our professional maids will iron your shirts and pants in your home. You can enjoy an excellent service and save time.

Laundry and Ironing Combination
You can combine the Ironing Service with our Laundry Service. The same hourly rate applies. We are happy to customise the provided service according to your needs.