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Daycares & Schools Cleaning

Outsourcing the maintenance cleaning of a daycare or school is becoming more popular with the increase of responsibilities. Administrating a successful daycare or school requires full attention.

Crown Business Guide for Daycares & Schools

Assesment – Before anything else, it is important to become acquainted with your establishment. Crown will visit your premises and will note down all details which are necessary for a detailed offer.

Planning – Crown will evaluate your situation and based on our experiences & knowledge with other clients we will give you our recommendation and expertise.

Implementation – A property manager will be assigned to your facility and he will guide the cleaning team with the necessary instructions. Working flow and procedures will come alive.

Monitoring – Crown management will monitor together with the facility manager his team and the assigned working procedures. Adjusting nad improving the the overall service is our aim.

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Service Key Features

Reliable Ongoing Service
The two main facors why our clients chose to outsource their cleaning tasks are the quality fluctuations and the staff administration (absences, recruiting etc.). With the solution from Crown, they simply can focus on their core business and enjoy a reliable service provider.

Cleaning Standards
With color coding of the cleaning cloths & pads, environmentallly friendly products and our frequent employee training programs we can assure a certain industry standard.

 Customer Support
With our innovative mobile application, our clients can enjoy a variety of communication solutions. From work tasks & checkings to product ordering or simply montoring the cleaning schedules, Crown went along with the technologies.