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Situation Assessment

Crown is analysing your current cleaning solution in regards of cleaniness, quality control, efficiency and costs. Each property is different and your satisfaction can only be improved by a detailed assesment.


After evaluating your situation, Crown will provide you a detailed analysis in regards to your property and needs. Going through each measurement together with the client is our core concept of a long term partnership.


Our facility manager will implement the theory into your property and will be your contact person during the contract time.


Crown works together with technology companies which designed a highly innovating communication application between client, staff and Crown property managers. This unique ticketing system allows us to act fast and professional to possible issues.

Office Cleaning - Basel / Zurich
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Office Cleaning Basel / Zurich
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Service Key Features

Our three core actions
To generate a balanced partnership, we ensure the clients a professional cleaning solution which contains a detailed assessment, planning and monitoring of the tasks.

 Facility Manager
Each client has an assigend property manager from Crown. This will ensure the immediate interaction in case of any issues.