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A perfect Team

Hybrid Cleaning

Human & Machine in one Team

Be on board

The evolution is having no break, when it comes to workforce changes it literally means that the tasks of the human tasks are shifting. Many people think that humans are loosing their jobs because of robotics, but this will not be the case. The typically cleaning employee will simply change the work tasks he/ she was doing, from cleaning manually they now do the maintenance of the machine, become software oriented or coordinate the fleet of autonomous cleaning robots. When our teams are working close with autonomous cleaning machines on one site, we call this hybrid cleaning. A perfect team!

The transition time

The technology of autonomous cleaning robots has significantly improved the past years and reached a level of “ready to work without mistake”. At the current stage, a cleaning robot is a big assistant of the existing employees. A robot is managing the floor maintenance while the human team is taking care of the details like dusting or emptying the trash bins, the fine tune work which the robot cant do.

Cost effective

Depending on the site, a robot can achieve remarkable floor cleaning results in regards to quality & time. This will logically result in cost reducing outcome for the client. 

What a robot can & What not

It is important to know what a autonomous cleaning machine can do and what not. It would not be helpful for any involved parties if the promises could not be held. Therefore a visit at your site, a close look at the current service specification is essential to determine the pro & contra for a possible engagement.

An experienced & committed team is looking forward to introduce you the world of the future.