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Office Cleaning

Continuity & Quality

We aim to deliver a professional high-quality cleaning service at an affordable cost. We appreciate the differences among our various customers, so whatever your requirements, we’ll find the right cleaning solution that fits your needs.

Crown Maids guarantee an ongoing service without interruptions. We will replace the cleaner in case of vacation or illness.

From dusting working spaces and furniture, to cleaning toilets and kitchenettes, collecting paper garbage, or other tasks, we will offer a customized service according to your office needs.

Crown Office Cleaning
Crown Office

Service Key Features

Office Cleaning (Vacuuming and dusting)
Offices of all sizes can rely on our professional service for all their cleaning needs on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis.

Garbage Disposal
Our professional cleaners will be responsible for collecting garbage and paper trash from the working stations and ensuring that everything will be disposed of appropriately.

Telephones and Monitor Cleaning
We will clean efficiently and hygienically all the phones, monitors, and keyboards and ensure everything is sanitary. Regular disinfection of such items is included in our service.

Windows & Carpets
We will be happy to accommodate special cleaning requests such as cleaning windows and/or carpets. We will provide an estimate upon request.