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Step by Step with Crown

How to Start

We are here for you

We understand that we have to gain your trust before you let us in your house to clean. So, we have created a customer-friendly procedure that helps you feel comfortable with us. 

First, you decide if you want to make your booking straight away or if you prefer that we come to your house to introduce our services to you in detail. We recommend that you book an initial appointment with our Supervisor. The visit is free of charge and comes with no obligations. You will even receive a free cleaning proposal afterwards 

After the free visit, we will assign a suitable cleaner for your home based on your requirements. On the first cleaning day, we will bring the cleaner to your house personally to introduce her to you and explain all the tasks that are expected of her.  

Once the initial cleaning session is complete, we will thoroughly check the work, and if all is found up to your standards, the cleaner will be ready to come to your home independently. 

After the first cleaning session, we will be happy to accommodate adjustments so that Crown Maids offer you the perfect cleaning experience.  

Our professional service includes Customer Support 7 days a week. 

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Crown Facility GmbH - Switches Cleaning

Our Crown Procedure

We provide three different ways for you to get to know us better.

  • You can send us an email requesting the information you need.
  • You can request a full Information Package.
  • You can request a free Supervisor Visit.

We recommend booking the free Supervisor Visit so that we can present to you personally and in detail all the tasks that are included in our service for each room. We will answer any additional questions you might have in less than 30 minutes.

Get a free cleaning proposal
After the Supervisor Visit, you will receive a written customized cleaning proposal. In this document, you will find the Client & Service Details, Property Details, Task Overview plus cost, and other information. You can download here our sample cleaning proposal for your information.

Monitored first cleaning session
For the first cleaning session, we will bring the cleaner to your house to introduce her to you personally and explain all the work that is expected of her. Once her work is completed, our Supervisor will verify the quality of the work.

Support after the first cleaning session
After the first cleaning, we are happy to assist you in every way and make improvements to the service you receive. For example, if you don’t like how the cleaner makes the beddings, we will ask her to adjust the work to your requirements.

Insurance, Replacements and Customer Support
All our cleaners are trained professionals, and they are appropriately insured. Crown Maids process all the relevant administration, so you don’t need to worry about the paperwork.

Our clients enjoy our Supreme Services like holiday and sickness replacements, and 7 days a week customer support for changes in the cleaning schedule or other issues.