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Our own Standards

Crown Cleaning Standard

Crown Cleaning Standard

We have accumulated extensive experience over the years, and we established our own cleaning standards for private housekeeping in order to ensure a consistent, high-quality service.

Every task is clearly described in our Crown Cleaning Standards (CCS).

Every member of our staff is going through the procedure of learning our standards so that they know how to apply them to the home of every customer.

Our Cleaning Standards include details such as the correct use of a specific product for each different material or the most efficient procedure for a task in a house or office. This way, we ensure that we offer our customers a consistently high-quality and cost-efficient service.

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Basic Home Tasks

Here you can find a short excerpt from our Crown Cleaning Standards. If you wish to know further details, please ask for our Information Package.

All doors & handles, frames of the drawers, all other surfaces, the cooking area including exhaust fan area (the filter will be placed in the dishwasher if needed), outside of equipment like coffee machine or the kettle, microwave outside & inside, knife holder etc., sink & faucet (also inside the drain, the sides (frame) of the dishwasher, garbage area (around the garbage bin), floors will be vacuumed and wet mopped.

Bathroom cabinet outside (also on top), mirror inside and outside, inside toothbrush & soap holder, inside & outside of the sink (plus faucet & inside the drain), cabinet underneath sink if available, bath tub including drain, tiles around the bath tub, showerhead & faucet, toilet inside & outside plus tiles around the toilet, toilet seat plus flush button, toilet brush will be returned clean to its place, exhaust filter will be checked and cleaned if necessary, towels will be folded and put in its place nicely, floors will be vacuumed & wet mopped.

Any many more …

Basic Procedures

Here you will find an overview of our cleaning procedures, which ensure we deliver a high-quality cleaning outcome every time. If you would like to know further details, please contact us, and we will be happy to send you a comprehensive Information Package.

Use two buckets for wet mopping, one for the clean water, and another for the dirty water.

Chairs around the dining table to be set upside down on the table so that the floor underneath can be cleaned properly.

Movable carpets to be vacuumed on both sides and then rolled together. After wet mopping (when the floor is dry), the carpets are placed back.

Electronic equipment to be cleaned with a dry cloth without the use of products.

Use different cloths for the kitchen, bathrooms, and other rooms. Implement colour coding to prevent the spreading of bacteria.

Cleaning between the sofa cushions is essential.

Any many more …